KLOU to Add Steph Duran For Afternoon Drive

103.3 KLOU is making the move back to more local on-air talent during the day after only having a local morning show, a slot recently vacated by Julie Buck. Which means there is actually a radio station looking for on-air talent, which is about as rare these days as a Cardinals victory or a leprechaun riding a unicorn that poops Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The sound you’re hearing is the thunder of out of work radio people running towards KLOU. The sound you aren’t hearing is anyone other than radio professionals giving a damn.

The first one in the gate at the new KLOU schedule? We hear it’s y98 and 101.1 Movin’ alum Steph Duran. Who is Steph Duran? …she was on the morning show for Movin’, everyone’s favorite…eh…ok, well there was Y98! Lots of people know her from Y98! No? Anyone that spends a lot of time in doctor’s waiting rooms at least…cancer patients and the like…alright, in all honesty if you are alive today you probably aren’t familiar with Duran, and if you do know her, then congrats on beating cancer! Of course, it’s a long shot, but you could be one of the 100 people in the “Please Bring Steph Duran back to St. Louis Radio!” club on Facebook. Anyway, our source says Duran has won the afternoon shift on 103.3 and with those 100 people on her side she should easily be the most popular radio show in St. Louis by about 37 people.

Of course that KLOU morning shift is still out there, but those of you on the beach should count on just staying there. We hear that the job is all but locked up. We don’t have firm enough sources to say a name right now, but after bringing Steph Duran in, they are set on a man for the morning show and seem to have one in their sights.

[Editor’s Note: In an effort to make story more interesting to everyone, we added some pictures of Carrie Underwood in a hot little naughty school girl outfit. Click through the jump to see full-size.]


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