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We’ve been around a while and some times we get a little attention. Below are a few of those times.

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STL Magazine: “Coming out Swinging: Punching Kitty’s Mike Flynn

When allegations started surfacing that Rev. John Wieberg, who died in 1963, had molested children when he was a priest, the archdiocesan Review Board deemed the allegations as “credible.”

This news got blogger Mike Flynn of typing: “[The allegations] better be credible, because getting your ass called out as a molester nearly 50 years after you died would suck butt (consenting adult butt of course) if you didn’t really do any of that.”

As you can probably tell, the 29-year-old blogger doesn’t believe in sacred cows.


KMOV: Best Site That Made Fun of Virginia Kerr


Riverfront Times: 2010’s Best Local Celebrity Site

Its post about KMOV-TV (Channel 4) morning news anchor Virginia Kerr tweeting her birth was one of the funniest reads of the year. Author Mike Flynn has a deliciously cynical sense of humor. He’s a truly prolific and creative blogger who does it all, amazingly, in his spare time.


KDHX: Appeared on “Collateral Damage”


KSDK: “Crown Candy malt record still stands, but whose name goes on plaque?


Riverfront Times: “Punching Kitty KO’s Competitive-Eating Impersonator


KTRS: Appeared on “John Brown’s Mindset”



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