Some Guy Got Shot in the Face While Leaving His Apartment

St. Louis’ totally uncool obsession with shooting people in the face continued over the weekend when a man was shot (in the face) while leaving his downtown apartment.

Officials say the victim was driving outside the Mansion House Apartments off Memorial Drive just after 3 p.m. when two suspects walked up to his SUV and shot him.


We really don’t want or need to get in to the long history of people getting shot in the face in our city, or why that’s just not civilized. We’ve done that. What we are going to do is put up or “No Face Shots” campaign logo and then go get a quick snack, clear our schedule for the rest of the day and then head back to the computer because we just spent some time searching the internet for “blasted in the face”, “face shot” and “asians with big boobs”, and while we didn’t find what we were initially looking for, we found a bunch of other stuff that made us forget what the original thing was and why we were upset about it. Bye!

via KMOV