SNL Piles on With East St. Louis Jokes

SNL Piles on With East St. Louis Jokes

You probably didn’t see this weekend’s Saturday Night Life because you lead a fabulous lifestyle, were sleeping already, or was up but planning the following week’s drive-by shooting. (Yes, there’s planning involved in a drive-by! Who’s gonna drive? What gun should we take? At what angle should we hold the gun? Who are we trying to kill?). If that’s the case, then you missed SNL join the long line of people making fun of East St. Louis, not because of any particular recent news, just because that city sucks crazy hard and seems to take beating after beating from thugs and yet everyone likes to pretend it’s great over there and refuses to move on. It’s like Rihanna, but it’s a city in Illinois rather than a singer with great boobs.

Here’s the relevant part of the opening sketch:

STLToday’s Nicholas Pistor tried to get a commet out of East St. Louis mayor Alvin Parks:

Parks was reached for comment, but said he hasn’t seen the parody.

“In a completely unrelated event, my TV was recently stolen by a crackhead. Also, I tried watching it on the internet, but it appears East St. Louis has been removed from any internet access because we also have a lot of pervs. Regardless I disagree with whatever it is they said and East St. Louis is totally super cool and kick ass.” is what Mayor Parks will probably say tomorrow.

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