Someone Barely Modified a Murdered Baby’s Tombstone

The police were called when the grandmother of Tyler Dasher, the baby who the state believe was killed by his mother because he would not stop crying, noticed that someone defaced Tyler’s headstone with a permanent marker.

Shirley Ellington, the paternal grandmother of Tyler Dasher, filed a police report Saturday after she first saw the marking on the headstone at Mount Hope Cemetery.

Well that’s pretty messed up. What sick bastard would deface a baby’s tombstone?! The cops don’t have much in the way of leads other than a vague timeline, but lets hope they catch these…

The grey granite headstone reads in part: “I wish you a beautiful peaceful lullaby to grace your eternal rest.”

Someone wrote the word “We” over the “I” with a black marker, Officer Rick Eckhard said.

…these baby loving bastards? That doesn’t seem that bad. In fact, since it’s safe to say everyone has at least a couple of people who love them (with the notable acceptions of Carrot Top and the guy that puts the giant weather maps over live sporting events) “We” would probably be the better way to phrase a tombstone anyway. Regardless, you shouldn’t be permanently defacing tombstones, no matter your intent.

The marking has since faded.

So the cops were called because someone wrote “We” on a baby’s tombstone, in a clear attempt to show they also loved the deceased, but the defacement has since faded? Great. Hey, here’s an idea lets not worry about this total non-crime and try to find out who is shooting at this still alive baby in South City. Maybe just take fact that other people love Tyler and be glad…that they couldn’t find a chisel…and just prepended “We” rather than appended “Fo realz yo!”

via STLToday