Someone Put a One Million Dollar Bounty Out for Maplewood Cops

Someone Put a One Million Dollar Bounty Out for Maplewood Cops

A Craigslist ad appeared last week putting a 1 Million dollar bounty out for every Maplewood cop’s head, and 2 Million for the head of a specific detective. It read “Wanted dead, all the maplewood city police officers, paying one million per head. two million for detective [redacted]”

The ad, which was obviously an empty threat as they gave no address for head sending, was quickly removed and the Maplewood police are working with Craigslist to track down the poster.

Maplewood Police learned of the threat when an officer in a neighboring jurisdiction saw it online and printed it, according to Detective Sgt. Matt Nighbor. It has since been removed from Craigslist, which has agreed to work with the agency to determine an IP address, posting location or other possible origins.

The connection to the detective mentioned by name in the ad is unclear at this point, Nighbor said.

Detective Nighbor stated that it’s not uncommon for his officers to receive written threats or animosity, but because this one had to do with the internet it’s a little more scary…like how regular clocks are pretty easy to work with, but the VCR clock is really really intimidating.

“It’s disconcerting,” Nighbor said. “We are threatened by individual letters in the mail, but nothing where it’s published like this.”

First off, any threat against those that we trust to protect us is horrible, but really? Is is really worse because he used Craigslist? All it means is that the person who wrote it is under the age of 60 and thus has never written a “snail mail” letter in their life. Get used to it. The good news is that lots of other new ways to transmit hate has better tracking and a generation of retards who forget about that at the worst times: Facebook, Twitter, texting, YouTube, that Pintrest account of all the people that kid wants to kill.

It only took us one search to find this dipshit who is clearly marking himself as a “Knockout Game” thug with his name. He has tons of photos, the school he probably doesn’t show up to, and even posted a video of people fighting at the Galleria. Believe it or not, but on the whole, digital is safer because most people are retards. So cheer up Mapelwood cops! It’s gotta be at least be an honor to hit that 1 Million mark right? Last we heard the bounty for our head is only a few grand. You’d think Dana Loesch, Charles Jaco, Charlie Marlow, and all the various relatives that got made because we wrote about their kin could scratch together a little more than that, but times are tough these days and we understand that it’s the blind misguided hate that matters, not the actual bounty.

via Police One