The New Emerald Van Has Been Released

The Hazelwood headquartered Emerald Automotive has released an working version of their new low emissions van and if the tests go well, it will mean jobs for the St. Louis region.

“I am delighted to see the vehicles in action,” said Emerald Automotive CEO Andy Tempest. “Full credit must be given to our engineering team and technical partners who have worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to meet all our demanding cost, design and milestone targets. This is a considerable achievement, given that the t-001 is an all-new vehicle designed from the ground up.”

[T]hings are on track locally, he added, to have between 550 and 600 workers ready to go when the plant opens sometime in 2014.

The van is marketed to hopefully appeal to those sick of the insanely high gas prices which is why it’s kind of weird looking since it is a federal government regulation that the less gas your car uses the weirder it needs to look.

The t-001 was specifically designed for global fleet customers and is expected to reduce lifetime costs for owners while cutting emissions by up to 80%.

The t-001 is currently being tested in the UK and according to the initial press photographs, it will available in one color: Retarded.

via KMOX