Tony’s Eye Might Be Because of Playing Baseball With Raw Chicken

The secret of Tony’s horrible, gross, game-missing eye lies within season two of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Below is an episode summary with added emphasis:

After Master Shake nearly destroys the house by leaving garbage everywhere (especially in Frylock’s room, whose entrance he has bricked closed), burning styofoam [sic], stockpiling chicken carcasses, and planting land mines in the hallway, Frylock becomes disgusted and moves to a condominium. Frylock throws a housewarming party, but none of the people he invites attend. Out of desperation, he invites the Mooninites, who show up only long enough to trash his place.

Meanwhile, Shake, Meatwad, and even Carl go blind from conjunctivitis (their eyelids get so puffy, they can’t see). Frylock stops by to see how everyone is doing, and upon seeing how they can not take care of themselves, he tries to help. However, he is angered by Shake’s egotism, and he abandons them once again. Soon, the house burns down.

Tony was, in fact, initially diagnosed with conjunctivitis and we have to wonder how much raw chicken baseball and Styrofoam burning Tony had going on behind the scenes.

Notice the part where the house burns down. Someone should really go to check on temporary manager Joe Pettini right now…like right now.

Watch the clip for proof!

Update: Oh wait, Tony has shingles according to the Detroit Free Press, which doesn’t sound as funny until you realize that shingles is a variant of herpes, which is kinda funny when you phrase it like “Tony has eye herpes.” It’s almost like Pujols’ f-ed up, skanky play banged Tony’s eye like a back alley Thai hooker.