Lawn Darts are Serious Federal Business

Some guy in Jefferson County sells lawn darts (naturally) online and the feds just shut his ass down! The FBI order of “dangerousness of stuff” goes in this order: 1. Movie piracy 2. Child porn 3. Lawn darts 4. Lindsay Lohan 5. Terrorism

The U.S. Attorney’s office in St. Louis filed suit Tuesday to stop a Jefferson County retailer from selling banned lawn darts.

The civil complaint, which asks a judge to ban future sales of the darts, says that Jefferson County resident Steve King has been selling the darts since at least 2009 from one of his websites, In two online stings, undercover investigators from the Consumer Product Safety Commission bought darts twice, the complaint says.

Online stings?! Two online stings?! Questions: Why wasn’t the first one enough? and Holy crap…really?

Lawn darts, or Jarts, have been banned for years after being linked to injuries and deaths of children. King even acknowledged the ban in 2009 on Twitter before writing, “Check out to stock your arsenal!”

Egads! This lawn dart menace must me stopped! Well he was. His website is now a message about how he doesn’t/can’t sell them anymore because they are dangerous.

In a completely unrelated note, Walmart has the following things on sale this week: guns, knives, arrows, other bigger guns, regular darts, slingshots, bats, and guns with knives attached to them.

via STLToday