North City Residents Want Laclede Gas to Fill Their Holes

January, Laclede Gas started some sort of project up in North City, consisting of digging five large holes along Ruskin. That was it apparently. Laclede hasn’t come back to finish whatever job it was and has since only put some wood over the holes. Well KMOV to the rescue!

One resident said he’s been calling Laclede Gas since February 23rd about site. He is still waiting on an answer. News 4 went to Laclede Gas for the answers residents say they couldn’t get.

When asked to explain why they created an unsafe environment in North City, Laclede replied “Oh yeah, five holes in the ground is what’s making North City ‘unsafe’. Maybe next time you should think about how quickly you want your projects done before you do the tough guy stare at anyone that drives down the street in anything other than a shitty car with nice wheels and tinted windows. It’s like the movie Friday out there without the funny parts.” Nah, we’re kidding. They said this more predictable thing:

Laclede said that work stopped on Ruskin because of winter weather. They said they do plan to be out there Tuesday morning to finally finish the job.

Note to Laclede, the new sixth hole isn’t your responsibility, it was made by accumulated random gunfire. Oh and if you hear a squeaky bicycle while you’re over there working, tuck in your chain, Debo’s coming!

via KMOV