If St. Louisans start to get the feeling that KSDK (NBC affiliate, Channel 5) only serves up national TV just so they can build up confindence that sitcoms and sporting events will air in St. Louis so they can later arbitrarily remove it, pooping all over your TV watching plans to make you hate life we wouldn’t blame you. The last few years KSDK has become infamous for ruining people’s Sunday afternoon or evenings by yanking things like NBC Sports coverage or popular sitcoms in lieu of stupid local programming that they needed to sell ads on to make budget.

It happened again last night when KSDK decided that you didn’t need to watch Community, the only really inventive sitcom on NBC in ever. You really wanted to watch the prime-time special of their mid-day “pay-to-feature” show Show Me St. Louis. You don’t want to watch the regularly scheduled show, you wanted to see pretty Christmas lights, gift ideas for the Dad that has everything and mabye…just maybe…Mike Busch in a Santa hat…just as baby Jesus would have wanted.

One Community fan had about 30 minutes of extra time tonight because of KSDK’s douchery and made this little “Rage Comic” to express his feelings on the matter: (click for larger view)
via Reddit