Mizzou Running Back Derrick Washington Charged with Sexual Assault

A campus detective’s probable cause statement filed Monday says Washington entered the woman’s closed bedroom while visiting her roommate and allegedly assaulted the woman while she slept.

A July hearing was delayed at the woman’s request and the case appeared dormant after both Washington and the alleged victim failed to show up for the rescheduled hearing. But prosecutors continued to investigate and Washington’s family has hired an attorney.

Good try Derrick by going with the “ignore it and my sexual assault charge will just go away” defense, but it appears Columbia’s prosecuting attorney is a stickler for things like humping sleeping girls. You might have to try out the “don’t you know who I am?!” defense…check in with Dan McLaughlin about his shot with that.

“But when can he get back on the field?” asks the sicko college football fan less worried about the players penis-stabbing girls than about the Big 12 standings:

School policy says that athletes charged with a felony cannot return to the field until the case is resolved. With a Sept. 23 arraignment hearing, Washington will miss the Tigers’ first three games, if not more.

To his credit Gary Pinkel is taking a hard stance on his teams recent “issues”:

“The buck stops here with me,” Pinkel said. “I am embarrassed, and disappointed. Hopefully we can get this cleaned up.”

…and if not, he’ll just bail out to the NFL before any of the penalties get close to him. Pinkel’s going to look great as a Seahawks assistant coach.

via: Rivals.com

Photo Credit: Jeff Lautenberger