Kareem Rush, Former Mizzou Basketball Player, Drops New Single

After bouncing around the NBA from the Lakers, to the Bobcats, the Sonics, Pacers, 76ers, the Clippers and even a stint in Lithuania, is it really a surprise to see former Mizzou basketball stand-out Kareem Rush anywhere? Ok then, what about a music video? It sure looks like the NBA career of Kareem Rush may be over with a nagging knee injury, but his vocal chords seems fine and he can wear a leather jacket on the beach like nobodies’ business in his new music video.

At least he’s not rapping.

With a single, “Hold You Down,” receiving airtime on 10 R&B stations across the country, including his hometown KPRS in Kansas City, Mo., as well as stations in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., Rush is trying to do something countless other professional athletes have failed at — succeed in the music business.

The good news about Rush’s music career is that apparently your basketball success is inversely related to your musical talent. Observe the following list ordered in descending basketball skill along with a quote.

  1. Kobe Bryant  — “Kobe made an album. Kobe’s album sucked. It would’ve been better if he let me write it.” – 50 Cent

  2. Shaq — “Tell me how my a** tastes” — Shaq himself

  3. Allen Iverson — “Everybody stay fly, get money, kill and f*ck b*tches” — Jewels, Iverson’s rap alias, on the song “40 Bars”

  4. Chris Webber — “Sub-par in front of the mic, in recent years Webber has excelled as a producer.” — naismithlives.com

No doubt Kareem’s career is far below even Webber’s so, statistically, this bodes well for his music. We’ll see, but really, its not nearly as bad as we would have thought. You’ll know if he’s a legit R&B star if he makes his song titles have extra stuff in parenthesis, like “Crazy For You (If You Just Shut Up For a Second)” or “I Love You Baby (Touch My Penis)”

Click through the jump to see Kareem Rush’s video for Promises (Hold You Down) Yup, parenthesis. He’s legit.

via ESPN and our tipster