Five Better Names for the Rams Mascot

“Hey, we know we suck so bad it hurts, but what if we let you rename our mascot! That help at all? …ok, well we’ve already printed the flyers so we’re doing this thing anyway.” – The St. Louis Rams

After 1,700 submissions the final round of voting has begun with your choices being (hold on to your hat now): Archie, Rammer, Rampage, Ramsey, and Rush.

Somewhere in St. Louis, Fredbird is shaking his head in disgust. You have until Friday the 23rd to go to had pick the shiniest turd in that list.

Here, because we know you want to know, 5 better suggestions for the Rams mascot:

5. “Sacked”

4. “Sheep with horns”

3. “Sexual Harassment Doll” — Point out on the doll where the other team touched you.

2. “The Safest Uniform for Sam Bradford”

1. “Power Bottom”