St. Louis Headquartered Ass-Inflater, Hardee’s, Preparing a 12 Inch Hamburger

St. Louis takes a step closer to killing everyone as Hardee’s, the fast food chain known for big burgers and calls St. Louis it’s corporate home, is currently market testing that crazy but beautiful behemoth pictured above: The foot-long hamburger.

The foot-long burger idea was hatched two months ago from a product development chef at Carl’s [Jr., the other half of Hardee’s], says Brad Haley, marketing chief. The chain is especially eager to create products that appeal to its core customers: young men ages 18 to 24. “Obviously, the foot-long sandwich has been very successful at Subway. But we decided to do it the Carl’s way.”

The details for this sexy little number include: 3 hamburger patties, three pieces of cheese…well, really, its three hamburgers on a single, large white bread sub sandwich roll. It will clock in at 850 calories and 20 grams of white while only costing you $4 ($.5o if you want the trimmings).

If the test markets like it, and lets face it…they will…the foot-long hamburger can be filling our collective gullets in three to six months.

The question is: Why weren’t we in on this market test? What does Southern California and Indiana have that we don’t? We like to eat crazy amounts of food that will kill us too. Have you even seen Gooey Butter Cake? Guess what the main ingredient is.

via USAToday