St. Louis is Manly

Some random site that reported that Mars (the candy company) said that St. Louis is the 6th manliest city, so it must be true. Web sites just don’t make things up for links you know?! …also did we mention that there is a secret Air Force base under the Edward Jones Done? The entrance is in the gift shop where no one would think to look.

Via the “Top 50 Manliest Cities” study, COMBOS® – the hearty, pretzel and cracker snack made with real cheese – examines what makes a city manly and ranks 50 major metropolitan areas using criteria such as number of professional sports teams, popularity of power tools and frequency of monster truck rallies. Cities also lose ranking points for emasculating characteristics like the abundance of home furnishing stores, high minivan sales and subscription rates to beauty magazines.

St. Louis was only topped by, in descending order: Nashville, Charlotte, Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, and Denver.

Other notable placements were Phoenix at #22, New Orleans at #27, Las Vegas at #28, Boston at #38, Chicago at #46 and New York coming in at the bottom-feeding, no-chest-hair-having #50.

So ladies from other parts of the country…look at your home town…now back to St. Louis…now back to your home town…now back here. The Arch is now diamonds. I’m on a Clydesdale.

via Best