Figures The Weird Scientist is From St. Louis

President Obama has assembled the all-nerd A-Team to help fix this whole oil thing we’ve heard about occasionally. These scientists are the best of the best, the brightest minds, the thickest glasses…but every A-Team needs a crazy Murdock-type guy. Guess where this nut case is from?

Jonathan I. Katz, physics professor at Washington University in St. Louis. Katz, a member of the prestigious JASON think tank, did his early work in astrophysics, though he now tackles a wide variety of physics problems. He’s definitely the wild card of the group, having published provocative essays entitled “Don’t Become a Scientist,” “In Defense of Homophobia” and “Why Terrorism is Important” on his personal website.

Says Katz in his aforementioned “In Defense of Homophobia”

I am a homophobe, and proud.

Well a large percentage of Missouri is behind him, but I wouldn’t expect a Vital Voice party invitation any time soon.

Here is Katz trying to get people to follow in his footsteps…on wait. Flip that.

Are you thinking of becoming a scientist? Do you want to uncover the mysteries of nature, perform experiments or carry out calculations to learn how the world works? Forget it!

There’s no doubt Katz is a smart guy, but one time…just one time can’t the guy on the panel from St. Louis not be weird in some way? I feel like all over america there are groups of people getting together and trying to right some horrible wrong or fight the good fight and when everyone is pitching their ideas in the circle we get to the guy from St. Louis who’s wearing overalls with no shirt and biting his toenails who just looks up and say “…oh. My turn? …I don’t know…can’t we just shoot it or some shit like that? …you gonna finish that pizza crust?”

…could be worse though. Detroit doesn’t even get on the panel anymore.

via Gizmodo and our tipster who we’re sure would be more than capable on any sort of panel.