Michael Moore of Kirkwood Hates You Unless You Died in a War

Back in February 2008 five people were killed during a shooting at the Kirkwood City Hall. A lovely memorial was commissioned, work began, and right before it got finished Michael Moore, the loser in the 2008 Kirkwood mayoral race, not the fat guy with a camera, has decided to sue the city because unless you got your head blown off in a war, the taxpayers don’t own you crap. …stupid people getting shot….You know we gotta pay to have the carpets cleaned now! Ya think that’s cheap?!

[C]ity officials voted to build a memorial to the dead and appropriated about $500,000 for the project. It’s a walkway and trees planted along it, with plaques in honor of those who died.

However, Michael Moore, a Kirkwood resident who once ran for mayor in late 2008, filed suit last week to suspend construction. Moore, who is not a lawyer, is representing himself in court, and says he’s doing this because he thinks tax money should not be used to fund a memorial. He says taxes can only be used to pay for memorials to war dead, and nothing else.

So it’s pretty obvious this douche just needed to get his name in the paper, because if tax money can only go to memorialize people who died in other countries, someone should really tell the fine people of New York their making a big mistake in that hole the World Trade Center left.

Now that we think about it, this is a great move by Moore. If you desperately want to get in to low-level local politics you should definitely come out against a memorial for people who were gunned down in the very City Hall you are trying to take control of.  This is the first step to the “big” house Michael Moore (of Kirkwood). Soon you’re be sitting behind your big mayor desk and it will be sweet…I mean sure, the 83-year-old woman working the mail room who was friends with every one the people you want to take the memorial from, will take a dump on your desk every morning, but that wipes off and eventually you get used to the smell…the smell of success.

via KSDK