Washington Park, IL Mayor Shot and Killed

A sad day for the people of Washington Park, IL as their mayor, John Thornton, has been murdered.

Thornton was 52 years old. He had been the mayor of Washington Park for nearly five years.

Investigators say Thornton was shot to death inside his car at about 5:40 in the morning at 47th and Caseyville Avenue in Washington Park. Washington Park Police initially told us that someone had flagged down Mayor Thornton asking him for money and that the mayor had let the person into his car. That’s when Washington Park Police said the murder happened and the shooter escaped in another car.

This is totally sad and all, but who the hell lets some random dude asking for money in to their car?!  Did Thornton think he was the mayor of Pleasantville? He wasn’t. It was basically East St. Louis.  You know, that place you accidentally drive into when you miss the last Missouri exit on 40 going east?  I’m pretty sure their city flag is a rundown building with a hooker armed to the teeth standing in front of it.  Not exactly the place where I say “Yeah dude. Sit on down in my car. Watch out…that gun might be loaded.”

The Illinois State Police have taken the investigation and moved quickly as they already have people in custody. Issuing this statement “Frankly we aren’t sure if those in custody were involved with the Thornton murder, but its the East St. Louis area so if not, we’re pretty sure they did something else.”

The Illinois Staties are good at what they do, even if those guys are totally innocent, I’m sure they’ll plant a knife on them or something.