Are You Getting an iPad?

Its little secret that the Punching Kitty staff are a fan of Apple’s fine line of luxury computing items, so in case you were wondering, we are picking up an iPad Saturday.

In fact, we will be at both St. Louis area Apple stores!  Why? To get an iPad of course and to hang out with some St. Louis Apple-heads. The plan is to hit the West County Mall Apple store bright and early, around 7am, and then after getting through that line, heading over to the Galleria to see the crowd there!

We’ll be there with our video camera and plenty of Punching Kitty stickers so if you want to talk, hunt me down! We’d love to talk with you about your iPad Holiday experience.

So what are your plans? Do you think this iPad hysteria is just insane? Don’t you think Punching Kitty will look sexy on there?