Play Like a Cardinal Commercials 2k10

Baseball is nearly upon us and that means new Cardinal commercials.  We have done our homework and watched each and every one, linked them below, and have a few quick facts as well.

  1. We don’t know why exactly the Cardinals need commercials, but we’re glad they still make them.

  2. Ok, so  you don’t put in the newly acquired Matt Holiday, but you do put in Fredbird. Twice. Update: We stand corrected. There is a Holiday spot, but its not funny and thus we don’t think it counts.

  3. Chris Carpenter clearly hates doing these things and it shows.

  4. Of all the players in the spots, only the following can act: Brendan Ryan, Skip Schumaker. That is all.

  5. Was booking Pujols too expensive? Update: There is one of Pujols, but we don’t really think filming his BP one day counts. Pffft.

  6. You have a spot with Colby Rasmus and Yadi Molina and you pick Yadi to be the one with a line? We love you Yadi, but thank god your job requirement is mostly putting down fingers for communication.

  7. Even though we think the whole mustache humor thing is pretty much beating a dead horse, this is our favorite:

Here’s the full list of youtube links for the spots:

No Stealing Second

Baseball Cards


Yadi’s Gold Glove

All-Time Hitter

New Sheriff