RFT Writer Gets Sucker Punched in the Loop

We at Punching Kitty love being in the city during the spring. Walking down the streets of the Looop, with that cool nip in the air that makes it so you can’t decide if you should have brought your coat. Looking at the shine of the streetlights coming off the rain puddles on still on the streets from the night below takes your focus to the point where you don’t even see the little bitch about to sucker punch you as you walk past the Subway.

I was dressed in athletic shorts and running shoes, carrying a gym bag and wearing headphones because I’d just left the new Club Fitness over the old Blockbuster.

It was very nice of your group to move out of the way without me having to say anything or really even make eye contact for more than half a second. Perhaps you felt I should have said “Pardon me, kind sir,” or simply “Sup,” because when I was walking away you ran up from behind and punched me in the jaw, knocking my headphones and glasses off and making me very pissed off.

God sometimes we really hate people.

The problem of Roving Retarded Children or RRC is one that has a long history in St. Louis particularly in the areas of: The Loop, Central West End, Midtown and select chunks of South City. It involves anywhere from 3-8 retards standing around, usually around a door and also usually around an inexpensive eating or refueling establishment, Quiktrip, or in this case Subway. Most of these groups appear to operate on the idea that people are scared of them for some reason, and when people aren’t, they tend to lash out in an attempt to make people scare of them. The sad fact is this though: They are still retarded and you aren’t. You can get in my face with your adolescence all you want, but its not scary and you are still retarded. Sure you may say you aren’t, but you’re in a group standing outside of a Subway at 9pm, not eating sandwiches…guess what? You’re retarded. Also, know that retarded people don’t know they are retarded. If they did, they wouldn’t be retarded (wrap your head around that one).

So what can we as a non-retarded city dweller do about RRC? Sadly not much. Your best options are to stay alert and remember that no matter what they do, at best these retards will be greeting you at a Wal-Mart visit in 20 years. Sure, when you remember who they are and begin to kick the crap out of a retarded 41 year old Wal-Mart greeter when they offer you a cart, people will think you are the asshole, but you’ll know the truth and so will we.

via Riverfront Times