The State Senate Has Nothing To Do

Dammit.  You pussies.  The State Senate has voted to rename Mark McGwire highway.

McGwire has now admitted he used steroids, and the state Senate voted unanimously Monday to rename the section of interstate the Mark Twain Highway. The measure now goes to the House.

The bill also would name sections of a few other highways for noted Missourians.

We wanted the highway to stay with the current McGwire name not just because he was still pretty kick ass in 1998. (Sure he did ‘roids, but that’s not news anymore)  but also because its just a crap chunk of 70 that I’m pretty sure we can spare and most importantly, our state senate really should be focusing on something more important than whether or not a slab of asphalt should or should not be named after McGwire.

[Columbia State Senator] Schaefer says it might be wise to name roads only for the deceased, because they can’t do something worth changing the name over one day.

Good thinking Schaefer, lets name roads only after people that no one remembers who they are.  If we are being real for a second, if someone died and is awesome enough for a a tribute, we are going to name a real street or a building after them, not a chunk of 70 that people only complain about driving over.

For the record if something happens to us, please name a park after us.  We would like it to be in North St. Louis and have clearly designated areas for crack dealing as well as hobo knife fights.

via KSDK