The Missouri State Senators Are Tone Deaf Buttholes

St. Louis is in the midst of a bit of a crime issue…by which we mean there are areas that people feel kinda safe dotted throughout areas where no one should ever go ever. The Mayor’s office and the police force only seem able to fill their time complaining about every issue other than actually getting out there and putting a stop to this, while a mass of other politicians and residents like to pretend that everything’s going great while the population of the city continues to dive. [Read More]

The State Senate Has Nothing To Do

Dammit. You pussies. The State Senate has voted to rename Mark McGwire highway. McGwire has now admitted he used steroids, and the state Senate voted unanimously Monday to rename the section of interstate the Mark Twain Highway. The measure now goes to the House. The bill also would name sections of a few other highways for noted Missourians. We wanted the highway to stay with the current McGwire name not just because he was still pretty kick ass in 1998. [Read More]

St. Louis Zoo Won’t Charge You. Stop Whining.

The Missouri State Senate continues to make me believe that that are comprised of nothing but morons. Not only did they recently take a unneeded swipe at Missouri’s gentlemen bars, but now they’re trying to make our special Zoo less special. Recently University City’s State Senator Joan Bray proposed legislation that would charge any non-St. Louis County residents for admission. Well the Zoo was all like “Whateva!” and released the following statement: [Read More]