Marshall Faulk Should Be In Charge of the Rams

The Rams suck.  You know it.  We know it. The Rams themselves?  Eh. Not so much.

Marshall Faulk knows it though. Faulk expressed his feelings in the Sporting News:

“[The Rams have] earned the No. 32 spot (the last spot in the league).  It’s well-deserved.  The Rams are more worried about firing their trainer and equipment manager than they are worried about the coaches responsible for the play on the field.  That says a lot.  When the first offseason move you make is to fire your trainer?  Perfect.”

The Rams first move this offseason was to fire the long-time and well-liked trainer Jim Anderson.  It is just another step in the checklist that Rams’ coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney have to scrub everything and everyone in Rams Park that was around before them.  Other steps included taking down photos of the Greatest Show on Turf teams and failing to invite any player alums to help the coaching staff.

Needless to say, this has rubbed former Ram greats that hate seeing their team going 1-15 the wrong way.

To quiet of the complaints, Spagnuolo has announced that he is creating a “Pro Bowl Wall” at Rams Park to celebrate current and former Rams that have made the Pro Bowl, which by the way is the weakest of all All-Star games and is such an honor that half the team drops out of the game every season.

We also hear that right next to the Pro Bowl Wall will be Spagnuolo’s new Turd Polishing machine.