Bryan Burwell Wants to Remind You That You Are Horrible People

Bryan Burwell wants you to leave professional athletes alone!  Why?  Because you “fans” are all horrible people! …I mean not all of you, but enough that he feels its ok to blame us all for the bad ones.

I have to laugh when I listen to or read the voice of the outraged fan who now believes that he is entitled to more out of Woods than he has already given. Entitlement doesn’t look good on anyone, and the truth is, too many fans are just as guilty nowadays as the players they often scold for the same behavior.

In Jupiter all week, I have witnessed it firsthand. I have watched impatient fans lining up behind the parking lot gates every morning and afternoon. Most of them are well-mannered and grateful to get an autograph, a photograph or even a handshake. But there are others who are not so nice.

They scream at the players, they scream at the manager. From behind the chain-link fences that ring the practice fields, they jockey for position with all the decorum of a rugby scrum.

So we should give a pass to athletes that are horrible people just because other people are horrible too?  That’s akin to saying “Well yeah the guy murdered 15 infants, but he’s not the first!  …get out of here you little scamp!  Are you free to babysit this weekend?”

We wanted more on this issue, so we prodded Burwell and in turn he sent us this video clip to further his case:

We’re not sure that helped.

via STLToday