Kurt Warner Gets Rocked, Should Remember Where He is Friday, then Promptly Retire

I don’t care if you don’t like football.  If you missed Kurt Warner getting rocked on Saturday in his playoff loss to the Saints, then you missed one of the year’s biggest hits.

Let’s see…do I have video of this…oh!  I sure do.  Bam:

After being awaken from that blow Warner he apparently thought he was a spy for the Saints in the third quarter and then after being taken out in the fourth he briefly thought he was Ming Li, a Vietimese prostitute.  It sounds weird, but I heard he really helped the team lift…ahem…their spirits after the tough loss.

But, will he retire?

“A big hit like that makes you think twice about playing this game,” Warner said lightly.

Warner said he plans to get away for a while and talk over his future with wife Brenda. He has one year remaining on his contract.

“I don’t think it will be a long and drawn-out process,” Warner said. “I think it’s something I will discuss with my family and inform the organization about what I plan to do as soon as I have time to think about it.”

Some of the ESPN “insiders” say that sources close to Warner say he will definitely retire this off season, while others later on in Sportscenter say he has one more year in him.  You see, that’s why you can never win against ESPN.  They are always right!  Their plan is perfect!  Take that Fox Sports!

Quote via ESPN