We Feel Bad for the One Guy that Was Apparently Surprised by the Mark McGwire News

We here at Punching Kitty headquarters weren’t exactly surprised by Monday’s revelation that former home run champ and current St. Louis Cardinals batting coach Mark McGwire finally came clean, admitting that he did in fact take steroids during his career.

However we can’t say that about everyone.

One South County Cardinals fan apparently fell back against the wall clutching his chest while whispering “dios mio!” to himself like some old Latina woman.  Then he got angry and proceeded to do what angry people do, they go to the internet.

In a Craiglist posting entitled “Old McGwire Newspapers” our man has this to say (screenshot below)

Been holding on to these old Post Dispatch special edition newspapers when [McGwire] broke the home run record. No value now. Maybe you can use them for fire kindling.

You think he’s sad now, just wait until he finds out pro wrestling is fake!