St. Louis Gets Out-Skanked By Richmond, VA

tila_t_foxFor years we were #1 in the country.  The champs!  But our dynasty is finally over.  Richmond, VA is now the Sexually Transmitted Disease capital of the United States.  St. Louis has fallen to #2.

St. Louis has finally relinquished its title as the sexually transmitted disease capital, dropping to number two in the country for rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia. For several years the city’s disease rates topped the country.

St. Louis has a chlamydia rate of 1,225 cases per 100,000 residents. Baltimore has a higher rate, at 1,321. With gonorrhea, St. Louis’ rate is 539 cases per 100,000 residents. Richmond, Va. has the highest rate at 639.

The numbers show that out of 100,000 St. Louis residents, 1,225 have chlamydia and 539 have gonorrhea.  Scary, but I’m sure there are quite a few people with both.  Like that chick in high school that would also do that thing with her tongue  while she was doing that stuff with her hand while being spanked with that fish?  That slut totally has the STD snack pack.

Frankly though, we here at Punching Kitty are sad to see us lose this record.  For a while there, St. Louis was the #1 most dangerous city with the most STDs.  If you squint and tilt your head you could kinda make that like we were some kind of awesome action movie city with constant gun fights and sex with crazy broads.  Now that we’ve dropped in the rankings, we are just some city people assume constantly smells either like dead bodies or skanky cooz.

I mean, St. Louis hasn’t been winning much these days, so it stings to see this one get away from us.  Well, I think that’s why it stings…

via STLToday

(Tila Tequila because…well you know why.)