Cardinals Willing to Make a Deal For Postseason Tickets

Good news Cardinals fans!  Maybe you didn’t win the drawing for the chance to buy Cardinal playoff tickets, but like all good crooked business deals, there is a back door!  That’s right, just grease that outstretched Cardinal wing and all of a sudden the tight grip on 2009 playoff tickets might just loosen a bit.

Here is what you got on your inbox if  you didn’t “win” the chance to buy tickets and thus are right for the extorting:

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 9.47.29 PM

Yup, for the low low price of 2010 season tickets you can get a chance to buy 2009 playoff tickets.  What a load of crap.  So if a large chunk of the populous doesn’t go for this “deal” are they going to redraw names?  I doubt it.  Hell, with this scheme in place, who says they actually even need to do a drawing, they could just send this out to nearly everyone right?

When asked for a comment, the Cardinals replied:

Look, do you want to see Matt Holiday next year or not?!  We can’t always run the season on players paid by the Red Sox!

Ok, fair point.

Plus, think of the Cubs fans…they don’t even get the chance to be screwed over by their local beloved franchise this year.

Thanks to our tipster Dave for the heads up!