Think Again If You Want Steve Jackson to Tweet After Games

81707287DV023_SANFRANCISCOThe National Football League sucks.  Not football mind you, just the league, or the governing bodies to be exact.  You can’t celebrate in the end zone, you can play even though you’ve served your court mandated time in prison, and now you can’t tweet or blog before, during and after games.

From PR 2.0:

On Monday, the National Football League announced that it will now limit use of social media and networks during the season. Players, coaches, officials, personnel, third-party representatives, and even the media are prohibited from updating their status, blogging, or tweeting 90 minutes before a game until post-game interviews are completed.

Its such an odd thing to mandate.  Sure this is something that makes the more fame-whoring of players to concentrate on the game, but why would the league make this rule?  Wouldn’t you think if you missed something because you were tweeting, the locker room justice would be far worse than a nasty email from the Commish?

Add to that the fact that this is going to be pretty hard to police and the matter of how you punish a player for this?  Sure, its a fine, but how much is a tweet worth?

This takes a particular hit to the Rams who generally have lots of free time after being down 30 points at the half.