Five Escape From Pike County Jail, One of Them Has Crazy Eyes

Five Escape From Pike County Jail, One of Them Has Crazy Eyes

The Pike County Jail had five inmates escape it’s numerous guards and walls Saturday night. The jail still had no idea hours after it happened, but finally kicked on the alarm after they received a call from a family member of an inmate informing them of the escape. Soon after the warden started throwing rocks at various posters around the facility looking for an escape hole because he saw that in a movie once and didn’t really have any other ideas.

A check of the compounds revealed that five inmates were missing. A further check of the pods and the video surveillance system showed that the escapees had removed a stainless steel shower head controller and gained access to a service area and exited the building.

The good news is that none of the escapees are guys that are in on murder and making a hat out of your ass charges or anything, but one, Jacob Darnell (shown above) has crazy eyes, another, William John Thomas Wilkerson Jr. has the longest name ever, probably in an attempt to have authorities find that its not worth it to fill out jail paperwork, and lastly Joseph Verive is a celebrity. It would seem he played the fake head in the first “Men in Black” movie:

Here’s the full roster:

Jacob A. Darnell, 22, of Louisiana, Mo., who was being held on charges of domestic assault and possession of a controlled substance.

Jason A. Darnell, 25, of Louisiana, Mo., and Jacob Darnell’s brother. Jason was being held in Pike County from Missouri Department of Corrections and was to have a hearing on a charge of failure to register as a sex offender. He was in prison for possession of controlled substance.

Joseph A. Verive, 49, of Elsberry,, Mo. was being held on a charge of domestic assault. It is believed that Verive no longer has any local ties and may be headed to Arkansas.

William John Thomas Wilkerson Jr. 40, of Florissant, Mo., who was being held on a charge of failure to appear on charge of stealing anhydrous ammonia in 2008.

Emanuel G. Chatman, 27, of Louisiana, Mo., who was was being held on a charge of domestic assault.

So anyway, we’d avoid helping any orange-clad strangers for the next couple of days.

Here’s the best thing about all of this though: Pike County takes all their jail photos in front of a light blue background, so when a few of them do something together, like an escape attempt, you can make up fun images like this:

It’s a great way to end your post when you’re clearly running out of contemporary jail movie references.

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