St. Louis is Bored

It’s boring here. Sure Japan’s got some stuff going on and Libya’s all busy with their own stuff, but St. Louis is far away from all of that and it’s boring here. Just look at this Twitter search for “#bored”:

Here’s some stuff that is going on in St. Louis, but doesn’t really count as “something” because…whatever…*yawn*

Donye Calvin killed a baby — Totally boring. Anyone can kill a baby. Hit us up after you kill a bear or mountain lion or something.

Delta Airlines wasn’t prepared for yesterday’s snow — Oh you weren’t prepared for all the snow? Just fix it and don’t be a dick to your customers. Boring!

Some dude dropped of a suspicious package at Lambert over the weekend — Wasn’t even a bomb…just some box. Boring!

Another bank got robbed — Again?! When did St. Louis turn in to “The Town“? Which was a good movie, but since these guys didn’t rob the bank in nun costumes, it’s pretty boring.