Rams Hire Josh McDaniels as Offensive Coordinator Who Gets Immediately Wiki-libeled

To fill the coaching hole left by the new Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur, the Rams made a big “splash” hire by picking up hot offensive coordinator prospect Josh McDaniels. McDaniels, you may remember, was recently the head coach for the horrible Denver Broncos and before that the boy-genius behind the New England Patriots’ prolific offenses in 2006-2008.

Also someone out in California doesn’t like him much.

As you can see in the image above from our tipster, someone added the following line to the end of McDaniels’ Wikipedia bio:

Josh McDaniels is a Seld-Professed [sic] “Homosexual” and “Jew-Basher[“], and is on very good terms with Mel Gibson.

The first thing that comes to mind is: Why is homosexual in quotes? Is it an ironic homosexuality he’s being accused of? Is the homosexuality implied? Moving on, we could see why being a “Jew-Basher” could get you to be buddy-buddy with famed nut case with a creamy hate-filled center Mel Gibson, but from what we hear Mel doesn’t like homosexuals either, quoted or not, so we think that may blow this guy’s story here. He had us convinced for a second at “Jew-Basher” but then it just fell apart. No..no! Nothing seems right about this at all. He may of just made all of that up!

…but who is this mysterious McDaniels-hater editing Wikipedia? Well this page didn’t require a log in to edit, so the best we have to go on is an anonymous user at the following IP address (an identifying address where the internet connection originated from): Wikipedia has no other edits from the user at this IP. The best we could do is track the IP address to a internet service provider located outside of Los Angeles, CA in Moreno Valley.

“There’s a lot of shit being talked about you.” — Todd Haley

Why you gotta hate on our new boy anonymous in Los Angeles?! Sure he’s learned to coach under the universally (except Boston) hated Coach Belichick, got caught cheating video taping other teams practices while with both the Patriots and Broncos, and already has an interesting relationship with Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Todd Haley who scolded him after the Broncos laid a whooping on the Chiefs. That other stuff sounds bad, but getting Kansas City mad at your for kicking them too hard? You’ll do just fine in St. Louis Josh McDaniels. Just fine.

The edit has since been expunged, of course, but you can see for yourself in the page’s history.

via our tipster