Missouri’s Credit Scores Below National Average

In rather unsurprising news today we learned that Missouri’s credit scores are below the national average by ten points.

Bruce McClary with Clear Point Credit Counseling Solutions said Missouri residents on average are about ten points below the rest of the country receiving an average score of 658.

With lower scores, it will cost more to borrow money.  McClary said someone with a credit score of 658 will pay about $140 more per month on a mortgage.

With “good” scores starting in the 730 to 740 range, Missouri isn’t a group of people we’d lend any money too. Plus you’ll just end up spending it on meth or guns.

This is where we were going to put up a screen grab from that “free credit score” scam commercial with the three guy and one of them is a fat ugly guy with a low score screwing everything up with an arrow pointing to him saying he’s Missouri. Like so:

Look at the “ugly” guy’s number though: 683. It’s a full 25 points higher than Missouri’s average score! That’s supposed to be the one ruining this guy’s chances to get a new car! …suddenly the old post on the home-made Ford Escape Truck is coming in to focus.

If you were wondering, Massachusetts and New Jersey have the best average score, both coming in at 686.

via KMOX