Dude That Voted Twice in 2008 Can Never Vote Again

The St. Louis man convicted of voting twice in the 2008 election was sentenced Wednesday to two years of probation, has to pay $350 in various fines, and oddly, sent to mandatory drug counseling.

Rumor is that, Tarrell Campbell, 34, opted for the drug counseling himself after realizing the folly of making a big effort to vote for President Obama twice, and get none of the “change” he broke the law for. Apparently half of a health care bill and a few stimulus bucks isn’t enough to keep Mr. Campbell on the Obama booze wagon!

We’re kidding! …it was like 4/7’s of a health care bill.

Another side effect of Campbell’s conviction is that he can never vote again because of his felony charge. It’s for the best, he was leaning towards wasting both of his votes on the Green Party this year.

via STLToday