Woman Who Whored Out 13-year-old Pleads Guilty

Twenty-seven year old, Latasha Jewell McFarland of St. Louis County, plead guilty to prostitution charges including convincing a 13-year-old runaway to go be her whore. Latasha seems like a great little lady but if she’s this good at convincing people to whore it out, she should use her powers for good, and call Heidi Klum.

[McFarland] told the girl last summer that she could earn $100 for each sex act that she engaged in, Assistant U.S. Attorney Noelle Collins said in court. McFarland posted pictures of the teen online, bought condoms, arranged the meetings and drove the teen to hotels along Interstate 270, Collins said, taking half of the girl’s money for her trouble.

McFarland also “encouraged” the girl to go to orgies, which sounds gross because no hot dudes like ourselves go to orgies. Only giant, fat gross guys go to those things, so it was probably either a lot of “encouraging” or very little “encouraging” but also with a gun. …It just occurred to us that the hooker is only 13, so gross or hot dudes really doesn’t matter that much since the physical appearance of a molester can run the gamut. Yikes. This is awkward. I mean you all think she sounded 18 though right? 3’s are so close to 8’s.

You think we’re in trouble? You had any young-looking hookers lately?

Asked after the hearing whether the teen’s customers could face charges, Collins said that in general, the FBI tries to identify and pursue customers who had sex with minors.

Woah that would suck to be on that list right, completely unrelated but we haven’t used that photo in a while, John Petrzborn?


via STLToday