What Ever Happened to Eric Crouch?

Oh sure you remember Eric Crouch! The Nebraska football stud quarterback that went on to get a Heisman and then be drafted by your St. Louis Rams as a wide receiver? Mad Mike Martz’s plan never really worked and after getting a real injury to go along with his hurt pride, Crouch retired just weeks before the regular season.

What’s he up to now?

Crouch is now the owner of Crouch Recreation, a company that installs park and playground equipment ranging from water slides to scoreboards in Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa.

“I made the mistake in my career [of] saying, ‘Just get drafted the highest position and I would be open to playing anything,’” Crouch said. “And when I got to the NFL, that really wasn’t the situation. I was really a quarterback at heart.”

Yahoo Sports goes on to mention that Crouch still gets calls from teams wanting him to get back on the field. UFL not NFL:

To this day, Crouch is still getting calls. The UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks, an expansion franchise that already features ‘Husker legend Ahman Green on its roster and tried out former Ohio State star Maurice Clarett over the weekend, tried to lure Crouch out of retirement a couple months back. Crouch declined, pointing to the fact he’s had eight surgeries from football.

Good for him! It’s not often you hear about people being happy after leaving the Rams…well, other than Kyle Turley, Lovie Smith, Mike Martz, Marc Bulger, Tory Holt, and every one that went to a game last year.

via Yahoo! Sports