River City Rascals, Completely Out of Ideas, Sign Little Person

Anything to get Fox 2’s Tim Ezell to come visit huh River City Rascals?

In an effort to reenact Bill Veeck’s famous “sign a midget since no one can strike him out” move last night, the O’Fallon, Misouri independent league baseball team, signed a short(est) stop of their own. Welcome Eddie Gaedel 2010 aka Nick Hagan!

According to Nick’s bio on the Rascals site, he is listed as “utility” under position. Born in 1994, the 4’0″, 110 lbs Hagan is described as an “avid gamer” and has a yellow belt in Karate. Neither of which are in any way important facts or interesting in the least.

In other, slightly more important news, in line at Starbucks, a pretty girl thought I was trying to sniff her hair and called me a creepy perv. What an idiot! Doesn’t she know how close you have to get to land a clear upskirt shot from my shoe-camera?