The Cardinals’ Skip Schumaker Gets No Respect

Lets hope Cardinals’ second baseman (kinda) Skip Schumaker follows the whole “glass is half full” metaphor for life because yesterday was a doozy.

Skip’s day started out with being labeled as one of the 10 worst everyday players in Major League Baseball on sport writer Joe Posnanski’s personal blog. Under the heading of “Nominees” for the league’s Least Valuable Player, Skip cracked the bottom 10 along with other notable names: Carlos Lee (Astros), Derrek Lee (Cubs), Jason Kendall (Royals) and Miguel Tejada (Padres). Being listed with these names isn’t all bad, but since its not the 2002 All-Star roster, we guess it really isn’t all that good either.

[P]eople tend to love Skip Schumaker. And for good reason: His name is Skip, and the guy will do anything for the club. He moved to second base last year even though he had never before played the position (a guy named Skip SHOULD play second base). And though he struggled there defensively, he at least held his own and got on base enough to be of value to the Cardinals. This year, so far, he has a 78 OPS+, his defense at second base still seems quite a bit below average, and he has run into quite a few outs on the bases. We’ll see how he plays in what is shaping up to be the best division race in baseball.

Well it’s funny you say that Joe, because that last line was one hell of a segue into Skip’s grand-freaking-slam Monday night in the first game of the crucial series with the Reds! Big hit Skippy! …his defense is still crap…but BIG HIT! Woooo! What do you have to say Skip?

“That’s the first time it’s happened in my career,” Schumaker said. “Everyone gets lucky once in a while. I probably hit it in the right park.”

Ok. That kind talk doesn’t really dispell the you suck talk much, but that’s cool! You’re the man now dog! Just wait until you get some sweet publicity on ESPN!

…so about that…

As @PitchersHit8th noticed last night, they kinda…well…they misspelled Skip’s name on the scrolling news bar. Ouch.

Keep focusing on that home run Skip…believe to achieve buddy.

Oh, also, apparently Skip…you’re also a little bitch. Brandon Phillips told us to tell you that.