Two Dudes Escaped From Jail

…but they could barely fill their lungs with the sweet taste of air before getting caught and going right back to jail.

Eric Glenn Gray and Kurt Michael Wallace were discovered hiding in a vacant house in the 5900 block of Wabada at 5:45 p.m.  They were arrested without incident.

Pussies. What ever happened to “You’ll never take me alive!”?

St. Louis Corrections Department Director Gene Stubblefield said Gray and Wallace were being held in the Administrative Segregation Unit at the Workhouse because they had been a problem in the past. While there, they deliberately flooded their cell to gain access to the lobby area. They were allowed to clean their cells, which Stubblefield said is against protocol.

Is it usually a good idea to put to “trouble-making” felons together in jail?

While out, they completed their chore, but the officer did not make sure they returned to their cell.

Isn’t really the only job of a prison guard is to make sure that the prisoners are in their cells and if they are allowed to leave momentarily, make sure they go back in? Are we missing something? That really is your only job. What else is there?

Stubblefield said they will look at the entire staff and process because something “grossly went wrong.”

Good call.

We saw a movie about prison once. Really crazy stuff goes on in there…girls just go crazy and never wear bras. Also the guards use their sticks differently…it still seemed like it hurt, but like “hurt so good”.

via KSDK