Another Study Says it Sucks to Live in St. Louis

So yet another study says it sucks to live in St. Louis. Out of 67 cities, St. Louis came in 40th under the vague “Quality of Life” category.

The study compared the performances of America’s 67 biggest metropolitan areas in 20 statistical categories. The highest scores went to well-rounded markets with healthy economies, moderate costs of living, light traffic, impressive housing stocks and high-powered educational systems. […]

The St. Louis area’s lowest rankings, each at No. 57 in their categories, came for its percentage of workers who walk to work or work from home at 5.1 percent; and self-employment, at 8.4 percent.

The city ranked 56th for its percentage of younger adults, ages 25-44, at 26.5 percent.

Ok, we get it. Hello! Everyone that does these little click-bait “studies”!? We get it! We’re cool. We know things aren’t always great here in St. Louis, but we really don’t need you asking four of your friends to order the cities they’ve been to in order of “awesomeness” and then post that to your site but just change “awesomeness” to something that sounds better like “Quality of Life” or “Happiness Quotient”.

Look at those shit reasons we got marked down in this one above. We got killed on the fact that not many of us work from home or walk to work?! What the hell is that? Maybe people like to drive to work. Maybe its the one time in the day they get peace and quiet and maybe that makes their lives a little better. Maybe they sit in that car every morning and night and think…

“Ah. Its nice to sit here and listen to horrible talk radio for 40 minutes before I get home and have to start pretending to like my kid. Did you know he plays badminton at school? Who the hell plays badminton…and what school would waste money on that? Probably going to have meatloaf tonight again…ugh! Be cool. Don’t waste this time in the car. Focus on your true love: pretending to be an asian school girl on Second Life.”

See that guy enjoys his time in the car!

It can’t be more clear at this point that you can twist one of these bullshit lists to in any direction you want and it’s high time St. Louis twists a study or two in our direction!

To be continued!

via St. Louis Business Journal