You Can’t Even Eat Your Chinese Take Out Without Getting Shot in St. Louis…twice.

Dude goes to pick up his chinese take out in Washington Park and as he was leaving the place couple of guys rolled up and shot him twice. Probably turned the gun sideways first too…does that matter? It looks cooler for sure though. Probably worth whatever downgrade in aim that comes along with it.

Washington Park Police Chief David Clark said that at 10:03 p.m. Tuesday, the victim was coming out of the China House Restaurant on Kingshighway when two men approached him.  Scarves hiding their faces, the two opened fire on the victim, hitting him twice.

The two ran off into some nearby woods and are still on the run from police.

Who does this? Why would you shoot a guy just trying to go home and get down on some egg rolls and lo mein? Its messed up. That being said, I’m not sure there is a single chinese place in the city limits that we would feel safe at after dark. Freaking places are always scary.  Poorly lit, with the asian teenager that doesn’t want to be there working the counter, and two guys fighting loudly in the parking lot…better just take a super long look at the sauce packet bucket until they decide to move on.

Happy ending though: The guy survived and the chinese place upgraded his fried rice to “special” which I believe is chinese for “we added small bits of stuff that tastes like shrimp.”

via KSDK