Hog Farms Ordered to Pay 11 Million Because They Smell

Watch out Rams, apparently you can get fined now for stinking.

A state court jury in Jackson County, Mo., returned an $11 million verdict Thursday against industrial hog producers Premium Standard Farms Inc., a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, and the privately held ContiGroup Cos. (previously Continental Grain) in favor of residents living near the defendants’ 4,300-acre factory hog farm in northern Missouri.

The verdict, covering 11 years of damages, is the largest monetary award against a hog farm in an odor nuisance case.

Damn dude.  A Million a year for stink.

In addition to the Rams, the following other people or organizations should really watch out because the precedent is now set.

  • 1380AM’s Kevin Slaten.
  • Anyone by the name of Bruce.
  • People with bluetooth ear pieces.
  • You, if you made more than 3 tweets about the Oscars last night.
  • The Schnucks on South Grand
  • Guys that bring air horns to every event.
  • Dudes with leather jackets and really nice tennis shoes that come ask you for a dollar.
  • The owner of Papa John’s. (No one cares that  you can throw a football.)
  • People that say “Fixin’”

via St. Louis Business Journal

[Editor’s Note: The picture of the Gorilla might be the coolest photo ever featured in a Punching Kitty post.  That is all.]