Man Found Dead at Quik Trip, Probably Tried Hot Dog

QuikTripDog1You pull up to the Quik Trip, park and race out.  You’ve had to pee for about 39 miles now and you thought you make it until you got home.  You were wrong.  You’ve been battling your bladder all night on the road, this Quik Trip rest room is going to your Waterloo and you don’t care.

Try the door.  Locked.

“Dammit. Figures!” you think to yourself.

It seems like an entirety passes.  You knock…nothing.

“What the hell?!”

The entire Quik Trip customer roster has turned over in the time you’ve been waiting here!  …wait!  Is there a girls restroom?   Shit.  Just the one.

More knocking.  Not that cute little tune you knocked the first time, but a more forceful, mean knock.

“Man, are you dead in there?!”

Actually?  Yeah.  He is.

St. Louis police are investigating the death of a man found in a gas station restroom.

She said an investigation revealed that it appears to be a drug overdose.  An autopsy will be conducted to confirm that theory.

Officers said there were no signs of foul play.

…and that my friends is the first time someone has looked at a gas station bathroom and said nothing was “foul” about the situation.

via KSDK