Steven Jackson is Pissed

jacksonstretch625jul29Poor Steven Jackson.  Its been a rough year already for the Rams running back, but this week in particular has been hard.

First the Rams seemingly regress and lose a winnable game to the woeful Seahawks.  During which SJ39 had to set Seahawks rookie Aaron Curry straight.  Don’t you step to SJ39!  Don’t do it!  …I’m warning you!  …aw!  …now you gone done it.  Its on!

“Some guys don’t know how to be pros and I feel he has not learned that yet,” Jackson told 101 ESPN St. Louis. “Someone is over there not teaching him what it means to be a pro. It’s all right to jaw jack but unnecessary hits and taking shots at guys that are defenseless, or going after guys because they are high-profile guys and he is trying to make a name for himself, it’s not professional.”

Jackson said he made it clear to Curry that he would not back down.

“You don’t get your name based on that because you’re going after another high-profile guy,” Jackson said. “You get your name and your status because of your work and your play in it. I’m just sitting there jaw-jacking a guy and letting him know that I’m not backing down. It’s obvious I’m injured, it’s obvious that I haven’t practiced all week and if we want to go head-to-head for 60 or 70 plays in a row, I’m willing to do so. I’m not going to back down. I’m going to let him know there’s a whole another monster, a whole another level in the NFL and this is not Wake Forest or the ACC.”

And then after all that!  …this happens:

Screen shot 2009-12-01 at 11.07.16 PMHang in there SJ39!

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