Malfunction Causes Blues Fans to Be Thrown From Escalator, But Say They Still Prefer it Than Going to a Rams Game

Pretty much one of the worst St. Louis sporting nights I can ever remember.

The Cardinals lose in pretty much the worst way possible to go down 0-2 in the NLDS, right now Mizzou dropped their first game of the season, the Rams still have St. Louis in front of their name, and the Blues lost!

…oh and at the Blues game one of the escalators freaked out, spun up to four times the normal speed and launched four fans right off of it!

As of this writing, there’s pretty much nothing out there on this story from the major sources but we did manage to find an eye-witness account on the STLToday Forums:

I just got off the escalator when it happened. Looked like several minor injuries and a lot of panic. I will say this though…Some D-Bag photographer pushed a limping girl out of the way so he could take pictures of the scene. Several people pushed him away quickly. I hope someone at the post dispatch reads this, and if that was their photographer, their should definitely be punishment.

Yea it started going super fast (like 30-40 mph). They looked like they were snowboarding down a hill. Several people flew into the glass wall of the blue note shop. Then it sounded like someone hit the emergency button, with the sound of squealing brakes, then mass amounts of people falling on top of each other. A lot of people were trying to continue to run down the steps which didn’t help the situation.

On a related note, I did find this youtube video of a lady falling down an escalator.  So there’s that.