Six Questions With Craig Mayhem of Nucular Comedy

nucularcomedyThis coming Wednesday, August 12th, Punching Kitty is joining with Girls Guide to the Galaxy and Nucular Comedy to present the latest Nucular Comedy night at Atomic Cowboy, so come on out, have a beer, get yourself a Punching Kitty sticker and look over my shoulder as I watch the comedy and write up the next day’s posts!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we thought it would fun to toss a few questions in the direction of the host of Nucular Comedy, Craig Mayhem.

For those that don’t know Craig, he describes himself as “weird, nerd-geek, midget bodybuilder, comedian, musician, author, liberal possible communist, and voice over artist.”  And honestly, that pretty well covers it.  He’s preformed around St. Louis both musically and comedically.  He also has a podcast at where his claim to fame is personally angering a legion of Escape Club fans.

Punching Kitty: So you’ve done your Nucular Comedy nights for a little while now, but since this is the first one Punching Kitty is involved does it feel like all the previous ones were leading up to this?

The ones leading up to this have felt sticky but his one feels small and fluffy and I suspect I’ll find a hairball in my shoe.

PK: Who would win in a back alley fight between Oprah and First Lady Michelle Obama?

Is Gail there? Because I feel that would be important. If Gail’s there I’m going Oprah – if not I call draw. Oprah’s got the weight advantage, but Michelle’s got reach. Oprah’s a ground & pound style fighter and Michelle’s got 5 years of Muay Thai. One thing’s for sure, it would be hot at first and then dreadfully unsexy.

PK: If were a bird, what celebrity would you choose to poop on?

Holy St. Vincent, there are too many choices! I’m going to go with Eric Estrada because I feel he needs some pub. Last I saw him, he was hawking phone service to people who don’t pay their phone bill. Ponch deseves better than that. He’s the Latino David Hasselhoff!

PK: Write me a haiku…go!

this iron football
could totally kill your guy
don’t mess with texas
this iron football
could totally kill your guy
don’t mess with texas

PK: Make up your own question and then self-answer it.

If you could be a tree, what tree would you be?

I’m going to ignore that questiont. What I will answer is that I think people should accept who and what they are as long as they are willing to accept the consequences as well. Don’t make excuses for yourself. If you’re fat and not really planning on getting into shape, then fuck it – don’t make excuses, “I’m fat and I like it.” We can still work together – you can give my midget-ass a boost so I can reach the steroids.

PK: So tell us about Nucular Comedy.

I love stand-up comedy, but I realized my chances of making it a career were pretty slim. I’m no Dane Cook (but who is, really?), plus I have a day job and a mortgage. I performed at least once a week for about 2 years and even opened for a famous person and got paid. But after a great club in the city closed down, there wasn’t a regular spot in STL City for comedians to get that all important stage time.

Ergo, Nucular Comedy. Stand-up’s a hard sell – especially during the week and that’s why I try to maximize the working-people factor. It starts fairly early, it’s free and you can’t smoke in there – Atomic Cowboy is a fabulous venue with great food, too.

And it features some great local comedians. They get stage time, the audience gets to laugh. Also I give prizes away and there’s dollar beers. I don’t get paid and unfortunately, neither do the comedians – I wish I could change that. It costs me money to do it because I pay for the prizes I give away out of my own pocket.

But don’t cry for me – I do it because I love it. Just come watch comedy and if you’re funny get on stage!

Come out on Wednesday to Atomic Cowboy at 8:30p to hang out with both Craig and myself!  You may want to bring a helmet to keep your head from exploding because of over-exposure to all the coolness though.  Ladies be sure to look hot because I’m taking photos and there will be a video camera!

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