Good Kitty / Bad Kitty: Asher Roth at Home Nightclub

With a tip of the hat to Vice Magazine we are going to be doing a little thing called “Good Kitty / Bad Kitty” here on Punching for time to time.  We are going to show you some photos from a recent happening in St. Louis and let you know who was good and who was bad as a service the St. Louis area and beyond.

We thought we would kick this off with the photos taken by Nick Schnelle for the Riverfront Times at the Asher Roth performance at Home Nightclub on July 11th.


Bad Kitty: What were you on when you thought it would be a good idea to wear your Run DMC costume and take pictures a tranny?


Good Kitty: Gentlemen, if you have the chance to get a girlfriend that is way hotter than you, I would do it. I mean, look how happy he is.


Bad Kitty: Sunglasses in the club? Lame but forgivable if you’ve been there a while. Hanging then in the front of your polo shirt? Complete douchery.


Good Kitty: Any chick that is willing to not only get in the middle of a dude sandwich, but also allow it to photographed for posterity is a Good Kitty in our book!