AmerenUE Has Good Timing With their Rate Hikes


Its snowing, its cold and whether or not you have gas or electric heat we are all using lots of energy these days so AmerenUE says “Yup, time to get the rate hike approved!” and it was all tied up and then that last Missouri regulator said “Um yeah sure…we aren’t going to come in today it’s snowy!  Approved!”

The average AmerenUE residential customer will pay about $5.88 more a month for electricity, under a rate increase Missouri regulators approved Tuesday.

The commission voted 3-2 to allow AmerenUE, the Missouri utility operations of Ameren Corp., to increase its electric rates by 8 percent in order to raise $162.6 million in additional revenue, nearly $89 million less than what the utility had originally requested.

The good news? Once they stick it to us, they won’t be able to do it again for a while right?  

Regulators also approved a clause that will allow Ameren to raise rates when its fuel costs rise. The clause grants a 95 percent pass through of fuel expenses, the commission said.

Son of a…

You think the guys that run AmerenUE, Laclede and Charter sit around in baby pools of $20’s and do blow off albino hooker’s asses on the weekend after taking a bunch of melatonin and eating a whole fucking bucket of chicken?

Yeah, me too.